Because there are some things you can’t find on the internet…

March 4, 2013
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I am the first to admit that when I want to know or buy something, my immediate thought is Google. You can find everything you need online, right?

This week, in a bid to get cracking and get making products to sell, I’ve been researching sewing machines. The beautiful sewing machine in the photo is one that I inherited from my lovely Granny some years ago. Though I love it more than I can say (and definitely won’t be letting go of it), I’m afraid I need to upgrade.

After trawling through various sites, and narrowing down my possible purchases, there were a few things I wasn’t too clear on. In steps a local sewing shop. Thinking that I would just pop in, get a bit of advice, then go home and find it cheaper online, off I went.

Oh, how wrong I was. The shop, Brewers Sewing Machines, has been going since the late 1950s, located almost round the corner from where I lived for the first 20 years of my life. The owners were so knowledgeable, and gave me information I couldn’t have learned online, not to mention friendly and genuinely willing to help me find the right machine on my tight budget.

I was hit with the overwhelming feeling that I should, and very much wanted to buy from them, rather than a faceless website with FAQs and so-called “live chat”. So that’s what I did. And I know that I will be going back there for accessories, help and advice should I need it.

So, give someone local a go; they might turn out the be the expert you were looking for. Because there really are some things you can’t find on the internet.


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